The Makers

People and Planet.

The Joinery’s products are made by women’s sewing co-operatives based in the informal settlements, by local up-skilled artisans and by sustainable local production houses. Our growing network of makers means we are able to provide up to 50 producers with work.

Our makers are able to support their families and improve their communities and it is this that drives us to support local and why we do what we do. We are committed to creating more employment and to support these talented women and artisans.

Our partnership with our network of makers creates opportunities, contributes to economic independence and raises awareness of the importance of supporting local businesses that can sustain communities. Our name, The Joinery, is based on our founding principles to collaborate and ‘join’ up with artisans and brands to create designs that promote a cleaner planet.


Sustainable Materials

Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles.

Change through design is our motto. Our extreme environmental concern for the major issue of plastic waste and single use plastic landing up in our oceans and landfills inspired us to look for solutions. We didn’t have to look very far as all the plastic bottles we needed for our products were all around us. We approached local fibre recyclers who helped us on our journey to conceptualising a felt fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. All of the plastic bottles that go into our recycled fabric are collected from around South Africa. Our products are produced by hand as much as possible so as to minimize our carbon footprint.


The Movement

Goal: ONE MILLION plastic bottles saved

The Joinery is on a journey to save one million plastic bottles from landfill and our oceans.

We are making a change. Our products lead to less plastic polluting the environment. We are inspired to know we are cleaning up our planet while setting trends.

Let your clients and guests know how many plastic bottles have gone into each product and how many plastic bottles in total you have helped save from landfill and our oceans.

Join us and be part of our movement to save plastic from polluting our planet. Together we can create change.


Measuring Our Impact

We pride ourselves on being a consciously sustainable and eco-friendly company. We are constantly trying to improve and better ourselves in order to be more environmentally mindful, reducing our impact and cleaning up the planet one plastic bottle at a time.

-Our fabrics are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

-We create employment opportunities through our network of makers.

-We use vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanning of leather is a natural process, using natural materials such as tree bark, making it more eco-friendly.

-Our packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials. We use eco-friendly gum tape instead of packaging tape. Our swing-tags are printed on recycled paper and our printing onto products uses water based inks.

-Our fabric off-cuts are donated to NGOs such as The Butterfly Foundation and The Clothing Bank, which are used for in-house projects, aiding and empowering local community members.

-We offset our shipping footprint through positive carbon offset programmes.