Our Story

Sustainable products. Responsible fabrics. Ethical production.

We believe in being kind to our planet and fair to our people, one plastic bottle at a time.

WHAT WE DO – The Joinery is a sustainable and ethical product design brand based in South Africa. Our focus is on finding solutions to environmental and community issues through design.

HOW WE DO IT – Creating luxury products made from recycled plastic bottles means we can turn potential waste into something positive. Our intense concern for the issue of plastic waste and single use plastic landing up in our oceans and landfills fuelled us to find solutions to this pressing issue through sustainable textile innovation. We approached local fibre recyclers who helped us on our journey to conceptualising a felt fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. All of the plastic bottles that go into our recycled fabric are collected from around South Africa. We are on HALF A MILLION plastic bottles saved from landfills and our oceans to date and are on a journey to reach ONE MILLION in the near future.

WHO DOES IT – All of our products are made by local sewing co-operatives in the informal settlements of South Africa, by up-skilled artisans and by sustainable production houses, contributing directly to job creation. Our seamstresses work with heart and soul to produce our high end eco products.

WHY WE DO IT – The Joinery is on a journey to ensure that all of our processes are as sustainable as possible from beginning to end, from our recycled fabrics, through to our sustainable packaging, donating our offcuts to NGO’s and offsetting our carbon footprint. We are committed to  empowering people and our planet. Join us on our journey to create change, together.


We are Natalie and Kim Ellis, founders of The Joinery. Together with our Joinery team, we are change makers, innovators, creators and activists.

Behind the brand

The partnerships we forge with the people that produce our products are an important part of our approach.

We are committed to working with local producers as part of our vision for creating economic opportunities, thereby uplifting and empowering communities.

We believe in ‘Africa by hand.’