The Joinery X A-Consumer

The Joinery handbag

Sustainability is sexy and we found the ideal way to illustrate this was to collaborate with renowned Los Angeles/South African film director Lyall Coburn, better known as the Aesthetic Consumer.

Having worked with brands like American Apparel and Adidas Lyall understands that the best material comes from working with real people and real situations. Working with Lyall nudges us to push the boundaries – to think bigger, bolder, sexier, sometimes even tethering on the risque.

Lyall is ultra creative, professional to a fault, and a real gem to work with. His aesthetic was best described by Waste magazine when they wrote “Coburn is a visitor in an abandoned motel, a nostalgic time-traveller stuck in a 1970s road trip, and in his films, a fly on the walls of the beautiful and disturbed.” This distinct style was echoed by Between 10 and 5: “Coburn’s photographs could easily pass as souvenirs from a 1970s road trip while his films, though beautiful to look at, tend to contain a darker undercurrent.”

Lyall’s become somewhat of a creative director for our fashion shoots and films, with his intuitive understanding of The Joinery’s ethos and vision, turning our concepts and designs into a story. We have an organic way of working together, often shooting on location and making a weekend of it, almost living the shoot – whether it is exploring the West Coast, making it real around a campfire, going wild in open spaces or discovering rustic, secret beaches, it is always about capturing the beautiful essence of our models, clothing and the African landscape.

Our 2017 handbag collection shoot – titled Artisanal – is an example of one such collaborative shoot where we got together with Lyall to moodboard the 1970s African heritage look and feel.

For more of Lyall’s work visit his website, and follow him on Instagram or Tumblr.

Image by AConsumer. Model Gabbi

Spring Summer 2016

Image by AConsumer. Model Bee

Film by Aconsumer. Model Bee. Fenchie Frankie