Storage Tub

Made from recycled plastic bottles Future Felt™ and the perfect storage solution around the home.

Handmade by talented, up-skilled artisans in South Africa. Each item is made to order.

Made to order. Please allow for 7 – 14 working days production time.

Current online shipping rates are to South Africa only. Contact us for international shipping options and we can arrange your order via email.

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Elevate your organization with our Future Felt™ Storage Tub – a symphony of sustainability and functionality. These versatile baskets go beyond mere storage; they’re a testament to conscious living.


Crafted from locally sourced recycled plastic bottles, each basket actively supports the local informal recycling economy while safeguarding South Africa’s coastlines and landfills from plastic waste. With every purchase, you’re contributing to the removal of plastic waste from our environment, making a tangible impact.


Available in your choice of either Grey or Charcoal Future Felt™, these tubs aren’t just functional; they’re a statement of style that seamlessly integrates with your aesthetic. The soft yet durable material provides an eco-conscious alternative for keeping your home or office organized.


We believe in letting the quality of our Future Felt™ speak for itself. However, for bulk orders, we offer the option to print our client’s logo or branding onto the felt, creating a completely customised product that seamlessly integrates with your brand identity.


Handcrafted in South Africa by our team of skilled artisans, each Future Felt™ Storage Basket carries with it a story of expertise, dedication, and a shared passion for sustainability. By choosing our storage solution, you’re not just acquiring an organizational tool; you’re making a positive impact on the environment and supporting local communities. Each item is made to order.

Invest in organization that makes a difference. Invest in Future Felt™ Storage Baskets by The Joinery.