Looking good Cookie Look

As young girls our mom, Miranda, was our style icon. She always, and still does, dressed very fashionably in the latest trends. Her penchant for floating billowing sleeve maxi dresses with a chunky gold clutch bag in particular captured her daughters’ imaginations. We also loved hearing stories about our parents’ youth and what life was like in Durban in the 1970s. One of their favourite hangouts back then was the Cookie Look Club at the Claridges Hotel on the beachfront. It was here that one of the most famous bands of the day, the folk rock ensemble Four Jacks and a Jill regularly played.

Fascinated by the rich of all things rock, disco light filters and quintessentially 1970s South Africa we set about recreating this look and feel in our latest collection of accessories.

Our Artisanal Collection of leather handbags was inspired by this era of disco, suede and fairy gold – marrying elements of the Bohemian with bespoke local craftsmanship. The signature piece in this collection is the 1970s style suede clutch, the Cookie Look.

The video that accompanies this collection reimagines scenes from this era. Directed by renowned filmmaker Lyall Coburn, known in international circles as ‘The Aesthetic Consumer’ and for his films for American Apparel and Adidas, the props and backgrounds in this production hark back to the days of casual chic and hazy lights, with a distinctly African feel. The visuals wouldn’t have been complete without the complementary sounds of Four Jacks and A Jill’s immensely popular Shiny Shiny Fairy Gold. The group, now based in the US, kindly granted us the rights to use this track in our video.